A situated multi-scalar approach for local-regional planning



Contemporary regionalisation of urban and rural areas intensifies uneven geographic development. To counteract this development the aim of this paper is to formulate a situated multi-scalar methodological approach beyond the urban and rural conceptual divide that can be used in contemporary regional development processes. The paper has been developed based on a compilation of three theoretical frameworks, and on a study of a regional development process in Sweden. The study shows how this multi-scalar approach can be used to connect and articulate spatial relations from a local to a regional scale, make visible possible futures and stage critical negotiations.


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Nils Björling - Chalmers University of Technology

Julia Fredriksson - Chalmers University of Technology

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Björling, N., & Fredriksson, J. (2024). A situated multi-scalar approach for local-regional planning. European Journal of Spatial Development, 21(4).